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5 Concept Ford Mustangs That Never Hit The Streets

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By Dave Ashton

For every production vehicle we see on the streets, there have been a multitude of design concepts that never reached the light of day. Every car manufacturer goes through this process and Ford are no different and arguably being one of the most popular brands around, it makes sense to highlight some of their prototypes of the past.

The Ford Mustang is so ubiquitous in the pony car world that we thought we would highlight some of those early attempts which all went into the mix for the final vehicles.

1961 Ford Avventura
The 1961 Ford Avventura was a design that tried to make a sporty coupe based on the Falcon compact. Each new iteration of the design had a different name from Avventura, to Avanti and lastly Allegro. All three of these designs in hindsight were loosely based on the final production Ford Mustang. It was a fastback design which had the quirky feature of the rear facing rear seat. The exterior design eventually maybe its way onto the Ford Mustang. The two seater design was scrapped in the favor of a four seat design, which if produced would have made the Mustang far smaller.

1963 Mid-Engine Ford Coupe
1963 Mid-Engine Ford
This 1963 two seater coupe concept may have been the inspiration eventually for the Ford GT40, but the original idea for the Ford Mustang was a mid-engined coupe with a hardtop which may have ended up like this design. Quite contemporary.

1964 Ford Two-Seater

This clay model prototype is essentially the shorty Mustang. The car shows a two seater prototype with some of the design aspects of the first Mustang in 1965, like the side scoops. The design also shows how Ford was still playing with concepts for the final model.

1966 Mach 1 Concept

In 1965, a four-door Mustang and a 1966 station wagon popped up on the concept list, along with a odd looking 1967 Allegro II, but it was a 1966 Mach 1 Concept that stands out the most, not just because of its design also how it morphed into the Mach 1. The front end was inspired by the 1963 Mustang II concept vehicle, with a low roofline and the hatchback design that made it onto the 1974 Mustang II.

1966 Ford Mach 1 Concept

The 1966 Ford Mach 1 first saw the light of day at the 1970 Chicago Auto Show, with an extended nose, horizontal rear deck lid and futuristic lines. The car almost looks more Mopar than Ford, but the design didn’t go to waste. Finally being adopted by the Australian Falcon XB coupe.

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