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Only $4500 Smackaroos For A Roadrunner, But No Details?

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this ’68 Road Runner on a Mopar website today as a possible great buy. however, there are problems…

This ’68 has a quarter panel missing, a trunk from another car, a rusty interior and not much other detail. The ad. did not even say how to contact the seller. Someone just posted a few pictures of the car on a trailer. So, we get back to our basic question as we always do. Is it worth it? I would like to have a TV show with that name and be the resident expert. Why? Well I see so many cars in person or on line and it’s a question asked all the time. Few ever answer other than the seller. So, is it worth it?

I am going to green light this one. It’s a straight car and certainly needs a good restoration but these cars survive and survive well. If you cannot find a 68, 69, or 70 Road Runner for sale you are not looking hard enough. Everything from this to a Hemi powered one are available right now on the Internet. The Hemi version is $126k. Gulp. That seems like a lot of money but the seller of course brags about low miles, numbers matching, and so on. I finally understand the aftermarket on Road Runners and even though the replacement parts are expensive you can still restore one of these for under 10k. That gives you some wiggle room to flip it or sell it.

Today in our neighborhood we had a garage sale for anyone who wanted to join in. Nearly everyone who walked onto our property had to see my collection there minus a few but the winner was the RR. I was listening and I heard over and over how much all the people liked the car. That made me think a bit more so I started asking follow up questions. Some people knew the cars history while others clearly were winging it. I came to the conclusion Roadrunners were more popular than I imagined. I had nearly my whole collection there and the RR took the limelight today.

This Road Runner may be a no go, but it means that the popularity of the car is still up there.
When we spot them, we will add them to the web site, so keep checking back for these popular classics….at least ones with the details.

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