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2018 Muscle Car Comparison

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By Dave Ashton

If you could time travel back to the late 60s and early 70s and said we would still be making muscle cars in 2018, you would definitely get amazement. A lot due to the fact that back then we all thought that by now we would be travelling around in hover cars and spaceships, but also pleased that the longevity and appeal of the muscle car is still around.

So here we are in 2018 with less of an extensive range of vehicles as back then, but just as potent and refined now as the rest of the performance vehicles out there. Which one do you lay your money down on given the choice? Well, in a 2018 Muscle Car Comparison why not have a drag race between them as a first test. Like Olympic 100m metres sprinters, the cars have it in their DNA to hit the dragstrip with short bursts of speed and the first video is some good matchups between the current best.

You have a ZL1 vs Hellcat, Mustang GT vs Camaro SS, Shelby Super Snake vs ZL1, Hellcat vs Mustang GT, Dodge Challenger Shaker vs challenger srt 392. Winning a drag race can come down to many factors including who is simply best on the day, but it’s at least a fun start to a muscle car comparison.

The second video is along the lines of a more traditional car review. It compares the Dodge Charger, Challenger Hellcat and Demon, The Chevy ZL1 LE and the Shelby GT350R.

The third video is more of an overview and includes more of an extensive range including models such as the Ford Boss 302, Camaro SS 1LE and Z-28 and even the more limited and exclusive Equus Bass 770. Between all three videos you should get a good handle on what you can get from the present day muscle/pony car market and possibly pick a favorite. The question now is will we actually get muscle hoover cars in the next 40 years, as some of us have been waiting a long time……

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