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Friday Is Road Runner Night

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By Mark Weisseg

Yes sir it was Friday and Mopar night at the big coral. All kinds of Mopar’s showed up from a ’62 Fury with a wild Max Wedge engine to the subtle little Dart with a 225 slant under the hood. Generally it was alot of new and older Challengers, a few Chargers, about a half dozen Road Runners and a blend all in between.

I had my car there as you can see by the picture here. I have a window sticker of what the car sold for in 69, plus a sandwich board with some facts and figures. The car always gets a good crowd as the people appear to like the originality of the car. It’s pure.

Certainly there are faster cars there and more expensive cars but only a small handful are like mine. Like mine in the sense it looks like it did in 1969. For example a guy parked next to me later with a ’70 Road Runner. I walked over to introduce myself and see his car. The body was straight and clean but that is where it ended. He had hacked up the dash to put in aftermarket gauges, and a cheap radio. Under the hood was a mess of wiring that clearly was just not taken seriously. The seats were worn and the headliner was in bad shape.

He repainted the car a few years ago and used a purple from a Ram truck he liked. In my opinion the car was terrible. He installed out line lettered tires and some sort of reverse chrome rims. The only thing I found enticing was the actual 1970 body. I would loved to have that car and stripped it down to nothing and rebuild it the right way.
Only then would the car have the appeal he desired. I thought that all night because right now I am bidding on a ’70 with a convertible top. If I can win the bidding process the car would undergo a real restoration and not like this backyard mechanics work. It was a real shame. Zooks.

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