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Re-Building A 1928 Model A

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By Mark Weisseg

I got the opportunity last week to see my 1928 Model A in the process of restoration.

So, here is the latest picture and for some of you I guess you might be alarmed.
Alarmed as I told you I was getting close and this does not look close.
Just the other day I removed all the wiring. Not that there is a lot but, what is there now is now frayed, and in poor shape. So, all new wiring will be done.

The Interior
The little dash is out so the speedometer can be worked on. We found out the speedometer gear housing is bad so I had to order one.
One section of the two piece seat is reupholstered and the floor boards are done and painted. Someone at some point put material inside the car on the door panels, headliner and near the rear window that is dirty now and has a bad odor to it. All of that is being torn out to get back to the original look.

The engine
The engine runs smoothly and the clutch seems to be in good order. The water pump, hoses and belt have been replaced. The four spark plugs and the plug wires have been replaced.
Five new tires, tubes and liners are now on as the wheels were sanded inside so no pinches or tears could cause havoc on the rubber.

The headlights and the one brake light will be rewired soon and I need to make a decision on a wiper motor. There is no rumble seat so the trunk area is large.
The local newspaper, The Homer Glen Horizon will be featuring a story on the car and my brother in this weeks issue. That is the February 25th of 2016.

Like any rebuild or restoration, there are many little jobs, lots of planning and much work ahead. Eventually with time and dedication, the car will finally blossom.

Now where is that 3/8ths wrench…….

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