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Camaro Book Review: The Best Muscle Car Reads.

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If you have been interested in muscle cars for some time, you inevitably end up with a few books, either bought for you or ones you bought yourself.
They may be very specific, focusing on one make and model or very generic, going over all the muscle car years.

Here we are going to review the books out there that cover the Camaro from its earliest beginnings to present day.
The problem we found with most of these books, like any, is that it’s very hard to cover absolutely every aspects of every make, model and year, even from one make and model, which has all the information and all the images you would expect.
So, its usual that if you have a favorite make and model, to have a few books that fill in all the gaps. (and to obviously check our website regularly!)
As you will see below, some books do the best with sumptuous images, others with tons of information and others with a bit of both.

The Complete Book of Camaro: Every Model Since 1967
This book by David Newhardt is probably the top of the stack here.
A fantastic hard covered book which goes from the concept of the Camaro to the fifth-generation Camaros, all with detailed information and fantastic images.
This book is probably the best mix of images and information, with standouts like the ‘select options’ available for each year of Camaro.
As an all round book featuring each generation, as well as concept cars, tuners and other offshoots, this is a great book to own.
It’s not a complete compendium of information on all the generations of Camaro, but it’s the nearest to have a great mix of fantastic images and detailed information on each generation.
You can grab it from the link below.

Camaro Restoration Handbook HPBooks 758
Original workshop manuals are getting more and more scarce, so having an extra book or two on hand for repairs, is always a good idea.
The main advantage of this guide is its extensive parts number list, which should go a long way for you to sourcing any parts you may need.
The book is very ‘wordy’ as it is mainly a technical guide, as it has to be.
This book should go a long way with helping you restore the early generations of Camaro, but it does lack in some images of visual help with certain models.
If you don’t have a workshop manual already for your Camaro, this will make a nice buy and possible fill in the gaps.

Camaro White Book 1967-2011

Pocket reference guides like this are always great.
When you just want straight to the point information in a concise way, this is one book to consider.
What you lack in imagery, you make up with information, with a breakdown of each model and year with specifications, facts, options and colors. It’s a bit short on information like in sales numbers, but the majority of the information you need is in here.
Makes a great reference guide if you are after a book which just gets to the point.

There are obviously tons of books out there on Camaros, but the three above give a happy mix covering the technical and great imagery.
You can check out other Camaro dedicated books from the link below.
Buy other Camaro books here.

With any of these books, always investigate the ‘look inside’ feature when available, which will give you sample pages.
Never as good as visiting a bookshop, but it’s a good second best.

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