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Split window beauty or ruined?

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By Mark Weisseg

Nobody will argue that the split year Corvette is not a great car. But, do you restore it as original, resto mod it, or do nothing and let it alone?

Many people will pay a lot of money for any classic car that is a survivor , untouched, and unmolested. Then, we have the crowd that claims the best thing to do with a Corvette of this era is to restore it to the way it was when new. ( not born). Lastly, let’s take the 63 and go crazy with our credit card and talent and show the world that artistic abilities are alive and well.

What’s my vote? If you care I tend to lean toward originality for this car. If you get the big block 427 with the side pipes the car has shown to rock the auction world. They were never known to be a great riding car and I can attest that being a tall guy like myself is a struggle. A very good friend of mine has a garage full of red corvettes and he sways back and forth between his love of the 63 and his 66. His 63 is restored to perfection and has many awards. People at the car shows drool over it and I can tell you my knees buckled the day I saw the entire collection.

But, back to this car. This 63 has been resto moded and I really like it as well. The owner saw a niche to fill and he filled it. This is a eye opener and I hope the owner is enjoying every time he turns the key.

You see that is what is really the turning point here. In most cases people don’t buy a car and restore it with the idea of selling it. Only a flipper does that of course but for the masses the owners buy the dream car and do it the way they want to. Certainly there may be a price on the end some day if you hack it up but drive the car and drive it a lot. I know of a guy that has a COPO Camaro. It sits in his storage area with ropes around it so nobody gets to close. This is foolish. The other foolish thing I ran into a couple of years ago was a picture I posted previously. It is of a big block 67 Corvette that has not moved since the late 1970’s. He keeps telling me one of these days he will do it. I doubt it. I have another friend who has two older Corvettes in the barn that have not moved in 25 plus years. I ask about every other month to buy them but to no avail.

The bottom line is this; if you go through the pain of buying such a wonderful car, please drive it, show it, appreciate it, and let others love it as well. Sitting in a garage or barn is just silly. That is why the wheels are round after all. Even if the car is some rare Packard it does no good sitting there. I love old cars and I love that our hobby inspires such goodwill toward others.

Please, do what you desire but please do something.

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