2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Pricing

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By David Ashton

Nearly everything information-wise has been released about the Dodge Demon so far apart from pricing. Now, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon including the gas guzzling tax, Demon Crate additions delivered to your door will be $86,093 MSRP.

The gas guzzler tax adds up to $1700, with the destination cost being $1095, with the Demon crate and front passenger seat, only adding up to an extra dollar. Considering you are getting the most potent muscle car currently available and the Demon create individually costing around $6140, this is a prize package for the price.

The car does come with some creature comforts, along with its 840 hp, which include a passenger seat, 18 speaker Harman Kardon sound system, subwoofers and 900 W amplifier, upgraded pedals and floor mats. This package itself costs $995. You can also get a rather expensive sunroof for $4,995, which is ridiculously high, but something of a rarity if fitted to the Demon. (If someone orders one with a sunroof it could be the most expensive collectable Demon in the long run.)

There is a Leather Front Seat Group which adds things like upgraded seating, heated steering wheel, finish paddles and premium formats for $1,595. Red seatbelt upgrades come with a pricetag of $195, a satin black hood costing $1,995 and a satin black graphics package costing $3,495.

If you want the full barrage of options this will set you back $97,273, just under the predicted $100,000 mark when launched. There is no indication as yet to how the 3000 Demon’s will be allocated, but the car will go on sale this fall.

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