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2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Now For Sale

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VIN: 2C3CDZH98JH101409
Engine: 6.2L Supercharged V8
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior Color: Tor Red
Mileage: 4
Price:US $119,900.00


It was inevitable that as soon as the 3,300 Dodge Challenger SRT Demons were sold, many would start to pop up for sale on the open market. With so much hype behind the car and rightly so in many ways, the daemon is definitely going to be a collectors item that will surely rise in price over the years. For the lucky ones who managed to pick one up for the asking price of $84,995, they are surely making a nice profit with current prices bucking like they are ranging from around $119,000 to as much as $160,000.

Trawling through some of the listings. This example at a touch under $120k, seems to give the most details in the listing and is probably one of the cheapest, if you can call $119,900.00 cheap. It’s number 1409 out of 3300, comes in Tor Red, has the Demon Crate option, no sun roof. This one also has a huge Demon decal on side of the car and ‘SRT 840HP’ in huge lettering, just in case you forgot how much this bad boy could kick out. There were 14 colors available for the Demon. If anyone could shed some light in the comments on how many were made in each color that will be great.

This is definitely a landmark muscle car which will slowly go up in value over the years and looking at the healthy price jump it’s already collected its sure to keep going upwards.





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