The 2017 Dodge Demon Comes With Only One Seat?!?

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By Dave Ashton

One of the known facts about the upcoming Dodge Demon is its going to have a lot of weight saving, but that now seems to be in the shape of the car only having one seat.

News has been trickling in on the upcoming Dodge Demon, with only glimpses of a wide tire rear end and flared wheel arches. But confirmed reports now say that major weight saving is going to be implemented and that seems to be in the form of a one seat vehicle. No rear seats and only one upfront will give a weight saving of 250 pounds over the Hellcat to make a completely stripped out street legal racer.

According to Motor Authority the weight savings come in the form of –
4 pounds manual tilt/telescope steering wheel
2 pounds removed parking sensors
16 pounds 18×11-inch aluminum wheels with open lug nuts
18 pounds removed 23 NVH components (it’s going to be loud)
19 pounds smaller diameter, hollow sway bar (front went from 34 mm solid to 29 mm hollow, rear went from 22 mm solid to 19 mm hollow)
24 pounds removed all speakers except front door speakers
16 pounds new aluminum brakes: 2-piece, 4-piston Brembos (went from 390 mm diameter to 360 mm)
55 pounds removed rear seats
58 pounds removed front passenger seat
20 pounds removed trunk lining and spare tire/wheel

The likelihood of a four-wheel-drive system as currently in the 2017 Challenger GT is probably not going to happen, so it should be rearwheel drive joy all the way on the new Demon.

This is going to line up with the stripped out versions from the likes of Porsche and the Shelby GT350R. This means that the Demon monica is being lined up to be truly that down the dragstrip, bringing back a factory ready muscle car that can also do the business on the track. If the product is going to be street legal or not is unclear at this point, but with a leaked image of a Race Gas button on the dash and street legal drag radial tires, the possibilities are that it will fit into both camps.

Dodge are releasing teaser videos every week and with an official debut at the New York motor show in April, we don’t have long to wait to find out the exact specs.

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