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The 2017 Dodge Challenger: Is It A Meathead Of An American Car?

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By David Ashton

When I first read this article over at the Globe and Mail with the title, ‘Review: 2017 Dodge Challenger is a big, old-fashioned, meathead of an American car built in Canada,’ I immediately took offence to the ‘meathead’ statement as most muscle car lovers would do so.

However, reading on, it’s more of a positive statement than a negative one.

As the other two big muscle car makers purge more into the sports car territory, Dodge still hold some of the old values to keep the muscle car as thoroughbred as possible.

The review goes into the usual variations of the Dodge Challenger from the V6 up to the mighty 707 HP Hellcat, with reviews of the interior, performance and technology compared to the others, and how the breed has progressed to the models we have today.

Positives such as ‘In terms of crossing distances, the Challenger is a highway star,’ and ‘this retro-styled machine comes with a dollop of charisma as big as its oversized engine’ show that the modern versions aren’t just about sheer horsepower rating, but how they are now more rounded vehicles, able to cope with all situations.

Therefore, the ‘meathead’ moniker is now a positive statement, meaning brainpower has gone into the latest models to give the best all-round muscle cars now available.

They may not be as nimble as the best sports cars out there, but if you want sheer, raw driving pleasure, the latest Dodge Challenger is hard to beat.

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