2016 Mustang Wins The Fuel Economy Stakes

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By David Ashton

Ford Mustang isn’t just winning in the sales stakes in the UK, it is now on the charts for the best fuel economy after it beat its own official economy figures by more than 75% in the annual MPG Marathon, held over 387 miles.

The Mustang, which was driven by drivers Andy Dawson and Andy Marriott, achieved 36.6 mpg against the manufacturers figures of 20.9 mpg, giving an improvement of 75.12%, the best increase in the event’s history.
The overall highest went to a Toyota Prius with 109.14mpg.

The drivers of each vehicle were given the task of finding the most economical route via different stop off points which included Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Northants and Gloucestershire over two days.

The results clearly show that even a V8 powered machine can be a economic if driven sensibly on a daily basis. The added benefits of the Mustang are obviously now a relatively economic car which also gets the adrenaline going on the track. Something the other vehicles would struggle with at best.

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