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2 x AMC Javelin and 13 Cars Worth Of Parts!

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By Dave Ashton

Finding an old, disused treasure trove of muscle cars and parts appeals to our treasure hunting DNA and this listing for some AMC Javelin rollers and parts fits this category extremely well. The two main rollers listed are a 1970 AMX and a 1970 Javelin. There is also a ‘non-running Mark Donohue javelin available for an additional $15k.’ This along with seemingly loads of AMC parts.

The listing says that there are about 13 cars worth of parts, as the seller’s father was ‘once one of the largest dealers of early body Javelin and AMX parts in the Northeast.’ This means that for any AMC fan, there should be at least something in this collection that should get your attention.

The parts available seem to run the whole gamut from engines, manual and automatic transmissions to ‘hard-to-find plastic parts.’ Everything here is clearly going to be in a vast range of conditions, from the two rollers looking like they’re parked and slowly blending into a forest to some of the parts looking boxed up and have been in doors from day one. Carbs., transmissions, grilles, panels, there seems to be a bit of everything here.

The only downside here is that the listing says, ‘this is a package deal for everything,’ as they do not have time to sell parts individually. Not everybody has the space or facilities to house a veritable schoolbus full of cars and parts, but at an asking price of $6000 this may be incentive of where you could house all this stuff. Someone may come along and snap everything up at once, but it may be likely that this collection is split up over time if the listing hangs around for some time.

If you have an interest in AMC parts and can get up to Plainfield, Connecticut, this collection is worth checking out.



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