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1997 Dodge Viper GTS

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VIN: 1B3ER69E1VV301353

Engine: V10 8.0L/488 cu.
Transmission: 6-speed Manual
Mileage: 15,616
Exterior Color: Viper Red
Price: $44,900.00


The Dodge Viper was one mean mother when it went on sale in January 1992. Now discontinued, these early models are still as potent as the day they were born. This one has only done 15,616 and is still looking great for its age. Only 1,671 GTS coupes were built in 1997, only 706 made in Viper red. The present owner has had it in their possession for over 18 years.

The huge V10 8.0L has 450 hp @ 5200 rpm and 490 ft-lbs of torque doing a quarter mile, with a 12.2-second, 119.3-mph pass. This one is all original, apart from a cooling fan upgrade. These snakes are torque monsters and this one is barely run in.

The whole car is clean throughout and with a little detailing could brush up very nicely. It’s obviously been well taken care of over the years, with only a little sign of wear in the drivers seat. Its also said to have just been serviced and given a new battery.

Raw, seat of your pants driving with the ability to drain a swimming pools worth of fuel in no time, but that’s the point here. Reasonably priced with low mileage, if you want an angry racer with Detroit heritage, look no further.




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