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1980s Camaros Are Now Hot Muscle Car Property.

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By Dave Ashton

Regulations and other factors squeezed the 80s muscle car market and for many years, they were seen as a poor second contender to their 70s counterparts. Now, these vehicles are going up in price steadily and the design is being seen now as a statement of their era.

It is widely agreed that 80s muscle cars dropped in power, like the Z28 which had a 350 small block engine with only 190 HP. The irony is that sales didn’t diminish with over 45,000 being sold more than five times the amount sold a decade before. A 1980 Camaro Z28 with a 350ci LM1 V8 and a Turbo 350 automatic transmission will not win you any races in stock condition, but you can pick one up in fine condition for under $20,000 and relive those 80s dreams.

Another contender is the IROC-Z first produced in 1985, was arguable the standout Camaro of the 80s. Built for the International Race of Champions series, you had a choice of a 305 and 350 with tuned port injection along with a 305 carburettor. The 305 had a five-speed manual transmission, and the 350 a 700R-4 automatic. By today’s standards it’s not exactly fast, but that’s not the point here. Many have used the 80s and 90s version of Camaros for dropping in a crate engine and just leaving those fine 80s looks. if you want a vehicle that you can mod to your hearts content, then the late 80s Camaro is just the ticket.

These vehicles won’t fetch a kings ransom, but they are steadily increasing in price as the years go by and will give you a nice flavour of a muscle car for not a lot of money. Please no mullet jokes.


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