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1980 Chevrolet Corvette Bill Mitchell Custom

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To be honest, we miss most 80’s Corvettes as we focus on the earlier models, but when we stumbled across this beauty, it had to be featured.
Ultra-rare and one of those models which will go down in muscle car history.
The fact that it has been tucked away for years and is only now seeing the light of day, makes it even more special.

The price is up there with all the condition one rarities, which is reflected in the price, but this also means you will end up with one of the rarest Corvettes out there.

The 80s design may not be everybody’s taste, but when it comes to Corvette rarities, you cannot get much better than this one.

‘The predecessor to Bill’s great white Corvette that was in the national corvette museum for 20 years and valued at one million dollars.’

‘Bill Mitchell was the vice president of design and engineering for General Motors and who was responsible for the design of over 72.5 million automobiles. The mind of Bill Mitchell is where the luscious lines of the Corvette Stingray came into conception. The merging of Bill Mitchell and the creator of both the great white corvette and this 1980 custom Corvette produced two of the most iconic Corvettes in history.’

Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 700
Price: US $250,000.00

This Corvette has only been out in the public a couple times in the last thirty-five years.

Build started in 1981 on this ground-breaking Corvette. It was designed to be placed into a category of automobiles that did not even exist at the time. This Corvette was one of the original Restomod, Pro-Touring Corvettes. Custom fabrication and fiberglass work. Gallons of metallic lacquer paint and suspension upgrades. Bigger brakes and superior Recaro seats. Back Hatch Glass that pops up and a hand built 450 H.P. motor, “Mission Accomplished”.

Only seven hundred miles on this Corvette since build finish in 1982. Thirty-five-year-old metallic lacquer paint is amazing, car runs and operates perfectly.





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