1974 Plymouth Valiant Scamp: Gone, But Not Forgotten….Just!

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Before I started watching this video, I thought it was going to be an overly nostalgic, rose tinted view of the Plymouth Scamp.


The 1974 Plymouth Scamp (short for Scamper) was really a Valiant. You had the powerplant choices of a 318(5.2L), 340(5.6L) or 360(5.9L) engines, around 250HP, which continued until 1992!
…and 4 doors? Someone possibly asked for a 4 door back in the day, its unclear from the video.

But the problem with the Plymouth Scamp, was its shocking unreliability and quite simply the Dodge Dart was much better, that’s why. But it started 60’s car nostalgia.

So it looks like a classic, sort of sounds like a classic and if you bought one, you can at least say you have a vintage car, but as per the video, each ride in the car is definitely an adventure!

So like an underground rock band who were a big part of starting a movement, but were kinda forgotten for not been the greatest themselves but are still part of the movement’s history.


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