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1973 Pontiac Firebird: The Coolest Pontiac On Ebay.

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1973 Pontiac Firebird: The Coolest Pontiac On Ebay.

Exterior Color: Viper green.
Mileage: 108,000.
Current bid: US $13,620.00 (26th June 2015)


‘This Firebird was painted 3 years ago and is almost perfect.’
‘Body is super straight and the engine compartment just has a (wow) factor, you can cruise this car anywhere and is has the factory 350 motor with automatic transmission.’
‘wheels are a foose rim.’
‘Underside of the hood had been modified to look smoother and leds light up what use to be the air intakes.’


I’ve just confirmed that I am just a regular red-blooded male.
Us males can do months of meticulous research, planning and negotiation, then throw that all out of the window and buy a car just because it’s a cool color!
This is exactly my current mindset about this 1973 Pontiac Firebird.
Wow, what a cool paint job! It has 108,000 miles on the clock, not the most brutal engine, but I don’t care, it looks amazing and I want it!
It’s usually a 68 or 69 Pontiac I will go for, not the later single headlight version, but this one just has a certain something….
Will that ‘something’ be enough for you to consider this ride?



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