1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda 426ci. 425hp V8 4-Speed Manual

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1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda 426ci. 425hp V8 4-Speed Manual


Engine: Hemi 426ci/425hp V8.
424hp @5000rpms and 490ft lbs. of torque@4000rpms.
2 4 barrel carburetors.


Transmission Type: D21 coded Heavy Duty 4-Speed Manual Transmission with Hurst pistol grip shifter, manual.
Exterior Color: Dark Blue Metallic.


factory Options:
000 Upper Door Frame: Full Door Panel, V1W Roof Type OR Color Full Vinyl Top White, B41 Power Front Disc Brakes, G37 Left Hand Remote, Right Hand Manual Chrome Mirrors, J45 Hood Tie Down Pins, L34 Road Lamps, M21 Roof Drip Rail Moldings, M25 Wide Sill Molding, M31 Belt & Hood Molding, M88 Quarter Panel HEMI Tape Treatment, N41 Duel Exhaust,N42 Chrome Duel Exhaust Tips,N96 Fresh Air SHAKER Hood, Space saving tire, trunk mat, Goodyear Ploy Glas GT F60-15 Tires, Teak wood steering wheel.


Brief history of the HEMI: History of the 1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda-The third generation Barracudas were based on cut-down intermediate bodies which had wider engine compartments fully capable of taking the tall deck big-block and Hemi engines, and the opportunity was immediately utilized for the new 1970 cars. All you need do is look at the Scottsdale, Arizona auction results for the last few years, and hone into the Hemi engine and Barracuda cuda combination, and you will see that Chrysler finally hit the sweet spot, just in time for the market to melt away.
AAR Cudas for 1970, are highly prized (about 1500 built), given their high-RPM capable, large bore/short stroke, six-pack carbureted, 340 cubic inch small block, 290hp engines and phenomenal handling capabilities (given the limitations of the era, of course).


This era of car were built in convertible and hardtops, with fastbacks thrown into the dust of history, ironic since Barracuda was first with a sporty car fastback.
engines – 440 tall-deck, big block Chrysler V8, 426 Hemi tall-deck, massive head, big block Chrysler V8 and increased power 383s aswell as 340, 318 and even sixes.
1970, 1971 and 1972 buyers could even opt for a Barracuda Gran Coupe with added luxury.


While true muscle cars started to die off in the early 1970s, pony cars held out for a while longer, but given the down sizing of the engines from increasingly strangulating and crude anti-pollution devices, there seemed to be less and less point to these cars as more and more buyers instead flocked to smaller, lighter, sportier cars.
By 1973, power was massively down and big blocks not even available in the Barracuda any longer, and by 1974, the largest V8 was the 360 family sedan engine with a mere 245 hp.
The once powerful slant six was so neutered that it had been discontinued from the line, but it mattered little since so few buyers lined up for Barracudas in the twilight year of production.
Of course, the early third generation cars are highly collectible and desirable, especially in Hemi convertible form, 440 or Hemi form in any description, and 340 six-pack form. Hagerty’s has these cars valued at $585,00 in number 1 condition as of September 2014 and $455,000 in number 2 condition. The average price for a HEMI Cuda is $356,730 according to Hagerty’s price valuation guide as of 2015.





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