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1971 Plymouth Barracuda 383 4spd

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Engine: 383ci.
Transmission: Manual
Factory pistol grip 4spd (D21)
performance axle (A31)
Billboard stripe (V6X)
Rallye Red (FE5)
Current bid:US $19,300.00


On first glance you may think paying nearly $20,000 for a rundown 1971 Cuda is expensive, until you see that you could easily triple your money with one in great condition. This Cuda has the bonus that the majority of the work has already been done, but still has a long way to go to get it in prime condition.

The car has a 383 V8 engine and four-speed transmission which are non-numbers matching, but on the plus side it seems a lot of the welding work has been done. The ad. says alot of the repairs and patches were done prior to their ownership and from the looks of some of the images like one of the front quarter panels, it looks like a fair bit of bondo work has been done in the past. The good news is, the majority of the other panels look like they have been stripped back to the bone, ready for resurfacing.

The interior is missing the carpet, but the rest seems to be intact. The seats look in relatively good condition, but the drivers side seat has a stitching tear. Everything else in the interior seems to be in order. It’s also missing the rear shock absorbers.

The 383 engine is said not to run and is missing some parts like the engine pullies and some of the wiring. Overall, this is a Cuda on its way to getting back into condition, being about half complete, but you have to factor in if you’re prepared to do all the work and spend to get the thing back in shape. All 1971 Cudas should be brought back to life, so this example really needs a complete enthusiast to complete the job.




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