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1970 Plymouth Superbird Tribute Build

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By Dave Ashton

VIN: RH23G0G246350
Engine: 440 CI
Transmission: 4 speed Manual
Mileage: 24,730
Current bid:US $52,100.00


Ever since seeing Mike Musto’s (Host of Drive) Pro touring Dodge Daytona, the idea of owning a project version of the Daytona or Plymouth Superbird has seemed appealing. You can check out what the car is about in the video below. Suffice to say, when it’s done right by the right people, the results can be spectacular.

This example is a Plymouth Superbird, still a winged Warrior, but based on the Plymouth Road Runner rather than the Dodge Charger. This one has a freshly built 440ci. engine with seemingly new everything which the ads. states the car has had over $125,000.00 invested into it. From the looks of the images everything on the car seems to be following vintage principles, staying more true to the original rather than a complete restomod. With this in mind, you probably think more vintage wheels would have been used, rather than the 20 inch polished billet rims.

As it seems the thought process here was more a tribute rather than a restomod, original type Superbird decals are on the headlight covers, rear panels and wing. I get why this was done, but the car may have looked more clean and sinister just being completely straight black.


The reserve has not been met at $52,100.00, so it will be very interesting to see the final selling price. Tribute cars can always be a big grey area, but arguably just as gray an area as any restoration job. The more background information on the original car and build process helps with peace of mind. Still, on looks alone this is a fantastic looking vehicle, recreating one of the more original muscle car designs. It’s just if you can get it for the right price.



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