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1970 Plymouth Superbird, Price Reduced

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By Mark Weisseg

Here is the update I promised you on this special car. Or is it special? It’s In a really nice little town outside of Youngstown, Ohio and was listed about two months ago for 175k.

I spoke with the guy and he seemed like he had all his screws tight and for a number two shape car the price was not unreasonable.
But, now I see he is advertising on Craigslist as far away as Charlotte NC. Folks, that is a solid eight hour drive from Salem, Ohio which is not too bad but it does raise flags for me. Why?

Well, Superbirds do not last a long time on the market if they are what they say they are. He has included a lot of pictures and a decent description so why isn’t this car sold? Why did he drop the price 25k already? I don’t know the answer but it puzzles me.

I asked him if he would consider trades and cash and I told him what I have. So, he gave me a super low ball offer on a car I have but of course was firm on his 175k at the time. I assumed he sold it as I have not seen it advertised anywhere else. You would think it would go to eBay. What does he have to lose? He would get a world wide audience for a tiny amount of money instead he drops his price 25k.

Duh. Heck, I would consign the car to a reputable dealer rather than drop the price that much. He has wiggle room now, so if anyone wants a decent looking Siperbird, now might be the time to swoop in. No pun intended.

‘1970 Plymouth Superbird 440-6BBL automatic. 3.55 sure grip. bucket seats & console. Matching number car with 44,000 original miles. Everything just rebuilt with all new front suspension & brake parts, new fuel & brake lines & carpet. Vinyl top is original and in perfect condition. Original build sheet and sales invoice and receipt from original sale in June 1970. 2 exact reproduction window stickers included. Also have copies of the title from the 2 previous owners. I have owned for 23 years. 1 repaint in 1996.
original Tor-Red color. (Hemi Orange, Dodge name) due to all the spam, please email on here for more info. PRICED WELL BELOW Hagerty value of 185k for a #2 condition car. ‘

Currently at $150000


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