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1970 Plymouth Superbird 440 Six Pack

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Mileage: 29825
Transmission type: 3 Speed Automatic
Engine: 440 Super Commando V8
Price: US $179,900.00

There are a few things you can bet on when a Superbird comes up for sale. It will cost a lot, it will be rare and due to their scarcity, usually in better condition than most.

RK motors have a habit of grabbing the best of the best so you will always pay top dollar, but you are getting top vehicles.
This one is 100% investment-grade and is evaluated as such. All original throughout and the documentation to prove it. This level of vehicle should be and is immaculate.
You may think it is expensive now, but in a few years you may not think so.

To all muscle car investors, check this one out.

– R: Plymouth Road Runner
– M: Medium
– 23: 2-door hardtop
– V: 440 cubic inch V8 that utilizes three 2-barrel carburetors to produce 390 horsepower
– 0: 1970 model year
– A: Produced at Chrysler’s Lynch Road manufacturing facility
162346: Assembly sequence number
E87: 440 cubic inch high performance V8 that utilizes three 2-barrel carburetors to produce 390 horsepower
D32: Heavy duty automatic transmission
EW1: Alpine White exterior paint
– H: High trim grade
– 2: Vinyl bench seats
– X9: Black interior
TX9: Black door frames
B30: Assembled on November 30th, 1969
J97583: Order number
V19: Special order full vinyl roof
V88: Transverse R/T stripe delete
26: 26-inch radiator

A13 Superbird Package
A36 High Performance Axle Package
B41 Front disc brakes
B51 Power assisted brakes
C23 Rear armrests that are complete with ashtrays
C65 Air Foam bench seats
C93 Carpeting
D32 Heavy duty A727 Torqueflite transmission
D56 3.55 gears
E87 440 cubic inch high performance V8 that’s complete with three 2-barrel carburetors
F25 Mopar red cap battery
F96 Oil pressure and temperature gauges
G41 Rearview mirror that’s complete with day/night mode
H11 Heater that’s complete with a defroster
J11 Glove box lock
J15 Cigar lighter
J25 Variable, 3-speed wipers
J45 – Hood pins that are complete with lanyards
L76 Heater control lamp
M21 Drip rail moldings
M81 Front bumper guards
N41 Dual exhaust
N42 Chrome exhaust tips
N51 Maximum engine cooling
N65 7-blade fan
R11 Music Master AM radio
S15 Hemi extra heavy duty suspension
S25 Heavy duty firm ride shocks
S31 Front sway bar
S77 Power steering
S79 Steering wheel that’s complete with a lower half horn ring
W21 Rallye wheels
U84 F60x15 red-wall, polyglas tires
V01 Monotone paint
V19 Special order vinyl roof
V88 Transverse R/T stripe delete
Y39 Special order car





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