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1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Super Bird

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1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Super Bird


…and here’s a bird in great condition as a comparison to the last post.
It will probably go for around $130,000???

One of 308 built with 440 big block triple carburetor 4spd transmission with Dana rearend.
If you figure that only 308 were built with this configuration 45 years ago how many do you think still exist today?
Most were rusted and brought to salvage yards or were in accidents. When you factor how many were built hemi orange tor red 6 pack 4 speeds back in 1970 you are talking only a handful. How many can exist today not too mention 2 owners and 26135 original mile survivors. This may be the only one to exist with these options and owner history. Muscle car 4 spds are always on the top of the list and always bring more money as an investment than automatic transmissions. Please view close to 100 photographs of this car.

Only 135 models were fitted with the 426 Hemi. As the 440 was less expensive to produce, the “Street” version of the 426 Hemi engine used in competition was homologated by producing the minimum number required. On the street, the nose cone and wing were very distinctive, but the aerodynamic improvements hardly made a difference there or on the drag strip. In fact, the 1970 Road Runner was actually quicker in the quarter mile and standard acceleration tests due to the increased weight of the Superbird’s nose and wing. Only at speeds in excess of 60 mph (97 km/h) did the modifications show any benefit.



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