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1970 Plymouth Road Runner Matching Numbers

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1970 Plymouth Road Runner Matching Numbers


Few people can truthfully claim that they have seen a winged warrior in traffic, not only due to the limited production numbers and normal attrition, but the fact that those cars have become such blue chip collectibles that most of them unfortunately have been stashed away in prominent collections, only seeing the light of the day when headed to a car show, on a trailer.

Our bird, VIN *RM23UOA174567*, is a 100% matching numbers survivor. Dash VIN plate, door sticker, and fender tag are all original and undisturbed. The Pentastar Corporation officially gave all Superbirds a build date of November 30, 1969, with the vinyl door sticker reading 12/69.
The original fender tag contains crucial information. Let’s put our Galen hat on and go into a bit of detail here, so there’ll not be any unanswered questions:

Fender tag, line one:
29106 Gate number
175770 Assembly plant Superbird number

Line two:
115 440 4-bbl Automatic
052 8-3/4 rear axle 3.55:1 ratio
670 440 4-bbl Automatic trans

Line three:
26 26in. radiator (found in all Superbirds)
C16 Console with woodgrain panel

Line four:
V19 Full vinyl top, special order (V19 – black on Superbird)
V88 Transverse stripes, deleted

Line five:
EW1 White exterior color
P6XA Premium trim – Vinyl bucket seats, charcoal/black
TX9 Black interior door frames
B30 Build date – Nov 30, 1969 – all Superbirds show this date
J98299 Order number, also called “J number.” Superbird specific – this car is the 1,299th Superbird built

Line six:
Z86 Unknown
D32 Heavy Duty auto trans
RM23 Plymouth Belvedere Satellite, medium price range, Road Runner 2dHT
UOA 440 375hp 1-4bbl 8 cylinder, 1970, Lynch Road, MI, USA assembly plant (all Superbirds were built here)
174567 Sequence (serial) number

The engine compartment housing the massive 440 big block looks unrestored and very tidy. We note various factory decals, a dual snorkel air cleaner with the correct pie plate, cast iron exhaust manifolds, and a plethora of correct details — and a few incorrect ones, such as the aftermarket radiator cap and coolant overflow reservoir — easily rectifiable, no biggies.
Most importantly, this engine is the original one installed at the factory, as evidenced by the VIN stamped into the block on a pad above the right side oil pan rail. Matching numbers all the way, baby!

Even more impressive is the impact the Superbird has on other motorists and bystanders alike. It makes a Ferrari disappear — for one, because it’s so big — and secondly, because it’s so mesmerizing. We’ve received more thumbs up driving this car than any other, and were in constant conversation every time we parked the car in public. On the freeway, other drivers constantly seemed to want to show us their cell phones.



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