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1970 Plymouth Road Runner

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By Mark Weisseg

CarTech auto books and manuals has released the last book by author Scott Ross. The late Scott Ross was known as an avid Mopar fan as well as other muscle cars of the era.

For me this was a coveted read. I own a 1969 Road Runner but loved all three of the most popular years. The 1968, 69, and the 1970 were at the peak of the popularity for this muscle car.

The author takes us back to the roots of the muscle car world and lays out the path to follow. The reader will learn all there is to learn about the 70 Road Runner. From three monster engines such as the standard 383 cubic inch model to the very popular 440 and of course the “ elephant” 426 Hemi.

Backing up these muscle car engines were transmissions that were either the Torqueflite 727 automatic, the three speed on the floor or of course a four speed manual that was nicknamed the pistol grip due to its unique handle. Yes, you read right that a buyer could order a Road Runner with a three speed on the floor!

The book is packed full of engine and transmission data along with specifications such as other information such as; Body, Chassis, suspension, interior and exterior choices. Mr. Ross also includes excerpts from magazines and publications that road tested and reviewed this car back in 1970.

The Road Runner was released back in the day as a basic everyday lightweight muscle car. Extremely fast in a straight line and ready for the drag strip or a Saturday night street race. There were many contenders back in 1970 for a muscle car lover and the Road Runner was geared for people on a budget that wanted to take on the road with fire and fury.

The book is 96 pages of fun. From fender tag decoders to VIN data the book delivers valuable information to make you a knowledgable student of the car. The book contains 120 color photographs and pages of specifications to educate you on this historic muscle car. No detail too small was excluded by Mr. Ross.

By the end of 1970 the muscle car era was coming to an end. Higher fuel prices, high insurance costs, and federal mandates on emissions started the quick decline. For those of us around back then we enjoyed some of the best hot rods ever produced. Let this book be your guide back to an era when muscle cars roamed the streets and the drag strips to prove who had the best muscle car. This book is the finest example of what it was like to own and drive a true monster muscle car.

The book is available by calling 1-800-551-4754 or You will not be disappointed in this author and the detail in which he wrote.


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