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1970 Dodge Challenger R/T factory N96 Shaker

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Engine: 426 Hemi
Transmission: Floor Shift, 727 Torque-Flight Automatic.
Rear End: Dana 60 Super Track Pack. 4.10:1.
Exterior Color: Plum Crazy Purple.
Price: US $250,000.00

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This is a beauty, but it doesn’t come cheap. But then again, if you want a Dodge Challenger R/T in this condition with these rare options, this is the price these days you have to pay.
You do get a pristinely restored vehicle, with the ubiquitous Plum Crazy paint in one of the very few factory shaker cars of the year.
It has all the special words you want with a 1970s Challenger, such as Hemi, a 727 transmission and looks like it has just trotted out of the factory.

‘The car, as was typical of HEMI powered E-bodies, was raced by its second owner and the original Hemi engine destroyed during this time.
An earlier (1966) 426 Hemi was installed by Owner #3 in 1974, using this car’s original K member, Shaker assembly and hood that had remained in storage with the car.
The Challenger’s full restoration was completed in 2012 to its original factory specifications in regard to color, trim, drivetrain and interior using the replacement engine installed in 1974.
The upside of restoring cars that were used primarily for racing when new is that their sheetmetal and trim pieces usually survived intact.
Nearly all original sheetmetal of this car, with the only required repair to small areas at rear of rocker panels, remains intact.
It also retains its original wood grain trim on the dashboard and console.
A full visual inspection was conducted by Galen Govier, confirming that the car is restored as factory equipped and confirming that the transmission VIN stamping as well as all the body stamps are intact and factory original. If you are looking for one of the few 1970 Hemi Challengers that were blessed from the factory with N96 Shakerhood option, this is the one you’ve been holding out for.’




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