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1970 Challenger R/T Hemi

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By Mark Weisseg

Vanguard sales in Michigan is selling my 70 Hemi. Or so I wish.
I would trade my current ’69 383 Road Runner for a Hemi however. But, it would need to be a Charger, Road Runner or maybe a bird. As much as I love these Challengers they are not on my short list. However, this one at Vanguard sales is exceptional.

With that white top down the pleasure you will receive is limitless. The Ralleye wheels and the paint make this car a top go getter. You will not see many or any of these at your local car show.
You might see ones with a 318 or a 340 engine but rarely a Hemi. Last year I saw one with a incorrect 383 but I did not care as the car was beautiful.

Most of us cannot wait until spring to see what someone bought or finished over the winter. I had a neighbor stop at my house the other day in his 38 Ford Truck. What did want? He wanted to know when my Model A would arrive! i told him it would be very soon. I will have it delivered and it will sit in my driveway so that everyone who drives by can see it. I live on a corner so a lot of people who drive by slow down to see what I have. Isn’t that cool? Pizza delivery people, the UPS and mailman have become friends. They always look and ask what I have going on. Wait until they see the A. I know they are all waiting patiently so very soon the lookers will become stoppers. Meaning they will stop and get out of what they are driving for a better look. When was the last time you saw a UPS driver stop, turn the truck off, and walk around a vehicle and ask questions? it never happens. They have hundreds of packages a day they must deliver so stopping for anything to long is out of the question. Now, go get yourself a show stopper at Vanguard and be that guy.

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