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1969 Pontiac GTO Judge For Sale

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VIN: 242379Z124319
Engine: Ram Air III 400
Transmission: Manual
Exterior Color: Matador Red
Mileage: 3776
Price: $84,000.00


The Pontiac GTO is plain and simple an iconic muscle cars. Produced between 1964 to 1974, it was really the second generation vehicles started in 1968, which have the muscle car status. It’s probably the 1969 and re-designed 1970 models which have the best combinations of looks, power and performance. The ‘Judge’ version was basically a lower cost GTO with many of the creature comforts stripped out to battle against the Plymouth Roadrunner.


6,833 Judges were sold in ’69 and this example is a frame off restoration example finished to concours condition. Quite honestly, this example caught my eye simply because of the amazing looking Matador Red exterior. Whoever did the paint job on this vehicle definitely needs a commendation. 1969 or 2019, this Judge is definitely a looker.


It seems all parts on the car are period correct. The listing doesn’t say if they are all original or date correct replacements. The same with the powertrain, but with the asking price, its presumed that its numbers matching, but this will have to be verified.


This example isn’t the cheapest end of the market, after lots of due diligence and making sure back histories checked and everything is is as it says it is, a little bit of haggling over the price would be needed. If everything checks out correctly, then this Judge would definitely be a car you could be proud of.



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