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1969 Plymouth Road Runner: A Kit Car Anyone?

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By David Ashton

When you first see a listing with the words 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner, the spider senses start tingling and you wonder how much, in what condition and is it worth buying.
In this case, you are virtually getting a kit car with a barebones chassis where everything has to be put back together, restored and reshaped.


The big pull here is that its numbers matching, but the seller clearly says that you will need a truck and trailer to take all the bits away and probably a small workshop for the next year or two!

You do get the original powertrain but the ad. says, ‘It would need to be bored 30 over and the crank needs to be turned 20 thousands to clean up. When the block was boiled they found small cracks in the oil valley from the water jacket. He recommended a shop to clean this up and repair it.’


The seller states that the K frame is not in the car, the rear end is not installed, and neither is the front-end.
You do get the partial quarters installed and a new trunk pan, re-chrome front and rear bumpers, but those also need installing.

Basically, you have a potential numbers matching vehicle (completely in bits), but one that needs completely rebuilding and restoring in every aspect.
The listing says that the car is 90% complete, meaning 90% of the parts are there, so guessing you will have to buy and source the other 10%.

The current bid is at $1,075 with four days to go. You could potentially in theory have a vehicle when in show condition is worth $50,000 plus, but you also have a mountain to climb to get it there.
Only for the very brave….





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