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A 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona AND Plymouth Superbird: Both For Sale!

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This was initially a confusing ad. Was it a Dodge Daytona for sale or a Plymouth Superbird?
Turns out, it’s both.

You have a seemingly Hemi orange Dodge Daytona with a 426 Hemi engine and a lime green Plymouth Superbird, also with a Hemi engine.

From the small amount of information given, the Daytona has the original motor, but not the original transmission. It has done 31,000 miles and comes with a build sheet and an inspection by Dave Wise and Galen Govier.
The Superbird has the original motor and transmission and that’s about it details wise. The cars as rare as these examples, you would really expect a lot more detail to be given. But then again, if everything checks out here, the asking price kind of implies its authenticity to an extent which is, wait for it…$1,495,000.00.

Looking on Hagerty’s valuation tools, a 426ci. example in prime condition is worth around $235,000. The Hemi version is worth a lot more, but we found one here on Hemmings for $300,000

The Daytona, although does not have the original transmission, has the original Hemi engine and could be worth anything up to $500,000 and beyond.

These are obviously very rare and investment-grade vehicles, but we’re not sure together they are worth as much as the asking price of nearly $1.5 million.
Then again, give it a few years and they maybe worth far more than this amount.

Car prices continue to rise and show no signs of stopping, so although the asking price for both seems to be on the high side, if you keep both these vehicles for a few years, you will probably make profit.






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