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1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 Rare Special Order

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1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 Rare Special Order

1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 Rare Special Order1


1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 Rare Special Order3

You have always wanted to “Step Back in Time” and Order “Your” ZL-1 or Yenko, COPO or Baldwin Motion Camaro?
Now You Can…I can Build them Better, Stronger, Faster and they Run on Pump Gas…Plus Street able!


Technology has come alone way since 1969.
I have also built some ZL-1’s,  COPO’s and Yenko’s for guys that have given up on their search for their Original COPO Camaro.


A 1969 Black and Gold RS ZL-1 Camaro like I build, bid to $80,000.00 and the Owner would not lift his Reserve.
A Real 1969 ZL-1 sold for $400.000.00
A 1967 Yenko sold for $275,000.00     I have Built a lot of 1967 thru 1969 Yenko Replicas.
The Owner of Mecum Auctions does have one of my Camaro’s in his Collection
“Hot Rod TV” did a 30 minute Interview with me on Saturday for their TV Show
They Filmed myself and my 1969 Black and Gold ZL-1 Camaro.


This Rare Muscle Car in this Auction is being built as a Correct Replica of a 1969 ZL-1 Camaro.
It will be as Close as you can Get to a Real ZL-1 with out Spending “$1 Million Dollars” for an Original 1969 ZL-1 Camaro.


Put this ZL-1 Replica Side by Side of an Original and it would be Hard to Tell the Difference. (Except My ZL-1 has More Horse Power and Torque)… and it will be more “Streetable”!


I have shown Pictures of past ZL-1 Camaros I have Built, so you can see the Detail I take in doing a Paint Job and building a Camaro the Correct Way.


I Supply a “Real 1969 Camaro” and I Build it the way “You” would have Ordered a “Muscle Car” from GM Yourself in 1969.



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