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1969 Chevelle SS Chopped 454: The ‘Fast and Fuchsia’ by Kirk Michelle Vandagriff

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‘1969 Chevelle chopped 454 turbo 400. The wife calls it The Fast and Fuchsia.’

‘There’s a long story behind this car.’
‘This my 1969 Chevelle 4 door I bought in the mid 80, chopped down to a 2 door. 33 inches cut out from the middle, the first ten inches is the front door. The rest is the back door to make one door.

‘The rear end is a Ford 9 inch with 350 gears. The motor is a 454, 4 bolt main, 30 over. Turbo 400 with shift kit.
I bought the car from a guy who built it without the motor, just the body. ‘
I had it for a view years, then traded it for a 69 ‘Vette.’

‘It bounced around my town were I lived for a while, then years later, a friend told me my old car was for sale. I told my wife it was for sale, so she got on the phone, talking to the guy.’
‘The next day I got a tow truck, went to the guy’s farm were it was sitting out side, falling apart. My wife made a deal with him, took it home with no motor or tranny.’
My wife said, ‘you got your ‘Vette, so am doing this my way.’ lol.’ Here you see the final result.

My Wife calls it, ‘The Fast and Fuchsia.’ We love it.
‘Very fun car to drive. You love or you hate it and that’s fine with us. but you will remember it…lol’

by Kirk Michelle Vandagriff






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1969 Chevelle SS Chopped 454: The 'Fast and Fuchsia' by Kirk Michelle Vandagriff, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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