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1968 Plymouth Road Runner Black Beauty

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By Mark Weisseg

When I am a show I look out for Road Runners to compare them to mine. I walked up on this beautiful 68 RR with a stock 383 engine. I looked the engine area over very carefully to compare it against my 69.

The interior is what really grabbed me. You can see by the picture that the car had a bench seat and a Hurst 4 speed shifter. The interior was nearly perfect. Moving back outside I was searching anywhere for a flaw or a mistake. You know folks that the black painted cars show all the issues.

I know, I own a black Mustang and it’s nearly impossible to keep it perfect. Finally, I stepped back and looked at the dog dish hubcaps and red line tires and declared this car a beautiful car. So much so I searched for the owner. I wanted details and the back story.

Well, this guy was no were to be found so I hope I cross paths with him soon. I would love the details of this car and sniff him out for you know what. The car was that nice. On a side note before I bought my B5 blue RR with the 383 / 4 speed and dog dish hub caps I looked at a black RR. The only reason I did not buy it was that is was or is a Hemi. I wanted it very badly but it was a shade over 100k and that ended my dream. So, when I find this owner I am going to shake this guys hand and congratulate him on having one very nice Road Runner.

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