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1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440 RESTORED

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1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440 RESTORED


We showed in our previous post two 69 Dodge Chargers which were from the original Dukes of Hazard TV show in the 2005 film. One at $89,000, the other 150,000.
This ride is a 68 Dodge Charger, but has the buy it now price of $64,899.000. Still lots of dollars to part with, but this Charger being the cheapest of the three, I personally think is the best looking, so will you get more for your money? ( This is just basing the decision on the cars alone and not the association with the TV show or film. But you have to consider a ride that’s been used on a TV show film will always go up in value far more than one that has not.)

‘#’s Matching Original 440 Engine Block. Three SP Auto Transmission with 323 Sure Grip Rear End. ‘

‘Mods Include: 20×12 VROD Wheels (Rear) and 19×8 VROD Wheels up Front. I Have Recently Ordered and Received the Same Wheels in 20×9 for the Fronts to Give IT a More Uniformed Stance.
I Have the Wheels in My Possession. They Will Be Included with the Sale for the New Buyer to Put on or Leave As Is.
The Car Will Look Amazing Either Way.
Bolton Viking 18 Way Competition Rebound Shocks Were Installed to Replace the Original Shocks. I Have the Originals and Will Include Them in the Sale.
I Already Mentioned the Car Was Painted and I Will Provide the Paint Code to the Buyer If Desired.
The Paint Job Is Less Than a Year Old. A Pioneer Flip up Touch Screen with IPod/Satellite Radio/Pandora Capability Has Been Custom Installed under the Dash. Absolutely No Cutting Was Done to Change the Originality of the Car!!! IT Was Simply Added to Provide Crisp Clear Sound While Keeping the Integrity of the Car. JL Audio Speakers Give the Stereo Its Crispness. ‘



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