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1968 Dodge Charger ORIGINAL Car From The Fast And The Furious 4

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BUY NOW 1989 1968 Dodge Charger ORIGINAL CAR From The Fast And The Furious 4

Engine: Chevy 350cu.
Transmission: TH400 Automatic.
Mileage: 100.
Price: US $150,000.00

Here we have 1 of 3 (only 2 cars remain) 1968 Dodge Charger from the movie The Fast And The Furious 4.
Originally a 1968 big block car which was converted to a 1970s mod for the film. The car was bought by a collector in Norway where it is currently located.

This Dodge Charger doesn’t come cheap, but as with any movie car, its movie association will hold its price and as the black Dodge Charger is linked so closely with the ‘Furious’ film franchise, this car will hold its value forever.
If you have the dollars, you can’t get more iconic.


A copy of the original tiltle from Universal Studios and certificate of authenticity included.
The layout of the car is as follows, written by Car Lust:

During the filming of F&F4, the producers realized that there was no longer such a thing as a cheap 2nd-gen Charger (the gratuitous wrecking of Chargers for also-gratuitous stunts has come back to haunt Hollywood just as it has come to haunt car enthusiasts).

The drivetrain was changed for generic Chevy 350, TH400 trans, and Ford 9-inch rear to keep costs down if something broke and have plenty of parts availability. High quality fiberglass molds of ’70 Charger body panels (It’ll be cool if those pieces saw production for the resto-mod crowd) made by Hanamann Fiberglass were used because they couldn’t find real (read: cheap) ones. Torsion bars were tweaked for max ground clearance, beefy frame connectors (3/16” wall-thick, 2×3” square tubing) skidplates, and 19-point rollcage were installed. Rear springs were relocated and wheelwells tubbed. Exterior-wise, we see it painted matte-black and a too-good black paintjob-for-a-quick-rebuild at the end scene. Mixed badging all-around (Charger, Charger 500, R/T…).Fake BDS 14-71 prop supercharger (BTW, it spun by a Moroso electric water pump relayed to the ignition switch.




BUY NOW 1989 1968 Dodge Charger ORIGINAL CAR From The Fast And The Furious 4

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