The 1968 Bad Karma Impala Fighting Domestic Abuse

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This is a worthwhile crowdfunding activity which we came across recently.

The go fund me page was set up by a lady called Imogen, who is a survivor of domestic abuse.

The idea is to restore a 1968 Chevrolet Impala, then use the car to raise funds for Solace Women’s Aid, a charity set up to help victims of domestic violence.

‘There will be two phases to the renovation; phase one will be the mechanical work and phase two the cosmetic and upholstery. ‘

‘In a nutshell here is how it will work:

Step one. We raise funds through creative community events and crowd funding for the rebuild of the car, and raise awareness in the process about domestic abuse and the work of Solace. These events have guest speakers and volunteers from Solace and other domestic abuse services and invite the public to get informed, get creative, get donating and get talking about abuse.

Step two. Once back on the road, the car will be rented for weddings, films, advertising and give 100% of rental profits to Solace Women’s Aid.

We need to move this project forward as awareness is only 50% of the work the impala can do. What good is it telling people where to run to if when they get there the help has packed up and closed its doors. Solace rely on goverment funding and desperately need more financial assistance as the demand for help rises.

Please help me do something totally unique that sends both a powerful message to the wider community and also an extended arm for those trapped in a silent, violent and horrificly unsafe situations.

I am deeply grateful to Solace for giving me a future, my children thier mother back, and a chance to shine. All I ask is that you help enusre others get that same chance to be as lucky as I was.’

If you want to help out, visit their crowdfunding page below.

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