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1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi, 1 of 45

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Engine: 426ci. Hemi V8
Transmission: 4 speed
Super Trac Pac
Price: $85,000

By Dave Ashton

This 1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi is a simple and straightforward classic which has graced the cover of Muscle Car magazines and for good reason. It’s straightforward classic lines and features have all the elements of what you need from a vintage muscle car. The car is clearly in great shape has the top of the heap muscle car powertrain in a 426ci. Hemi V8 and a four speed manual transmission.

The GTX was originally based on the Belvedere, but had a blacked out grille, racing stripes, simulated hood scoops, tachs. on the dashboard and pop-open fuel filler cap. The optional 426 Hemi engine was good for a 4.8 second 0 to 60 mph time and 13.5 seconds at 105 mph quarter-mile time. Not too shabby, even in 2018.

To have the chance to grace the cover of the muscle car magazine means you have to be in A1 condition which this car seems to be throughout. There doesn’t seem to be any full body shots of the car, but the one supplied are presumably to show how straight and clean the body is along with the interior and engine bay. it’s probably also the reason why the information that comes with the car is short as those who are interested should have an inkling of what they are looking at. Still, knowing a little about its back history, all documentation and other information would have been nice.

This example is one of the straightforward standards of the era and being a Hemi means it has all the grunt and street cred. you could ever need. The 68 to 70 models are arguably more ‘classic’ but the first versions are the start of the breed and worth just as much, even in an historical sense.




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