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1967 Plymouth GTX 440 With All The Trimmings

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Engine: 440ci. V8, Super Commando BBL
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Exterior Color: metallic green
Mileage: 19,226
Current bid:US $41,100.00


The Plymouth GTX was originally based on the Belvedere in 1967 and to be slightly more luxurious than its neighbour equivalent Road Runner. This example is verging on immaculate and ticks most of the boxes of what you would want from a classic vintage muscle car.

It’s arguable that the 1968, 1969 models with the most classic, especially with a 426 Hemi, but it’s hard to grumble when you have one in as good condition as this one. 1 of 686, this one has all of its gentleman’s muscle car features like premium bucket seats and center console so you can ride around in style, along with burning of the rest of the pack.

A 440ci. V8 is one of the standards in performance at the time making 375 HP and this one is in as good condition as the rest of the car having done 19,226 miles. The car is stated as being all original, still has its original paint and comes with the original bill of sale and build sheet. Basically, if you’re completely original GTX from this area, you can’t go far wrong with this one.

Arguably, the GTX didn’t do as well as the Road Runner as it looked too similar and having a gentleman’s muscle car is always going to be a middle ground when most either wanted pure luxury or pure performance. It’s a bit like now try to sell a more luxurious version of the Hellcat and giving the car a different name.

Still, the GTX is a worthy and classic muscle car and this example will only go up in value as the years go by.






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