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1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Convertible Barn Find

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This 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle seems to be a solid find on the surface, but may have some deeper problems underneath.
However, it does have its good points, which may be a good basis for a winter project.


The exterior initially looks in good shape, but on closer inspection that paintwork has some form of rust or dings on most panels. The trunk lid also looks to be bent and the underside has got its fair share of rust in all areas. Some parts rusted completely through.
If you check out the images of the door sills and trunk, you’ll see rust holes as bad as it gets.
The convertible top looks in ragged condition, with a back window put through. How much more damage here is unclear, but you can expect this to be on your list of restoration jobs.

Moving on to the engine, the ad. doesn’t describe exactly what it, maybe a 327 or a 283. This will have to be verified.
The ad. also says the car rolls and steers, but that’s about it, so the engine will need a thorough checking out.
The engine bay at least looks very solid.


The interior looks like it’s been home to some critters over the years, with the seats needing a complete re-upholstered. There is no clear shots of the dash to show its condition, but you more or less can take it as a complete restoration is needed here.

If you consider the rust issues and the work needed on this vehicle, you may think it’s one to pass on. However, 67 Chevelle convertibles are worthy and apart from the major rust issues, there is enough foundation here for a good restoration. If the engine also checks out, this car could be worthy investment, but you will have your work cut out.
Currently at a bit of $5423 with 3 1/2 days to go.




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