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1966 Pontiac GTO Book Review

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Mark R.Weisseg

Author and certified gear head David Bonaskiewich has written a comprehensive 96-page book about the 1966 Pontiac GTO. The book is packed with 125 photos along with all the specifications that will certainly expand your knowledge base. It’s a great book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

So, you may ask why the 1966 Pontiac GTO Book Review and not all the years? Well, that’s easy and the author gets right to the point. The 66 Goat, as it was nicknamed, is the highest-selling GTO of all time with nearly 97,000 cars! That in and of itself should tell you why. But, the author takes you much deeper than just sales numbers. The book provides a history lesson of sorts.

Most car buffs give the late John Delorean full credit for its 1964 debut. Partly true of course, but the book takes a closer look at other important team players that brought this endearing classic to life. It’s a roadmap that will let you understand what it took to get this iconic car to market.

Now I won’t post any spoiler alerts. However, I will tell you his efforts did not go unnoticed by this reader. As one that lived through the first muscle car (and best) era I found myself traveling down memory lane. It was such a brief period of time from about 1964 to 1971 after all. So in order for the 66 “Goat” to stand out among so many other muscle cars, you know it had been something darn special. It was, and still is to this very day.

The Pontiac name sadly is now long gone, but not the GTO. There are numerous Pontiac clubs and conventions all over the country. The car is still in great demand and pricing has never been higher. It seems they just don’t hit the market very often. Who would have imagined that almost sixty years later the GTO would still be alive and well? That my friends is the reason you need this book.

Please order online at or simply call 1-800-551-4754. It’s only $27.95 plus a small shipping and handling fee. has a large library of books and manuals for nearly every make and model vehicle you love. So, check them out when you order your 1966 Pontiac GTO book.



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