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1964 Chevrolet Corvette GT Bill Thomas Cheetah Original

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1964 Chevrolet Corvette GT Bill Thomas Cheetah Original


1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah Originally ordered & built for Clarence Dixon Cadillac in Hollywood California, This car was built and delivered as a Sebring Silver 327 Rochester Injected 360 HP with the super rare Long distance L&R side fuel tanks.

It also was built with the rare header system with side exhaust exiting out the rear.
1 of 3 built, It soon had a road race header system installed for a race at Riverside as #1 it also was used in the 1964 Champion Spark Plug commercial from footage at Riverside.
This Cheetah is the most advanced 1964 Model Bill Thomas Cheetah as Bill Thomas Race Cars prepared it with many Factory upgrades over the 4 years stored there.
Bill next added his famous Dual Air Meter injection system, followed by a special built Corvette 396 425 HP Engine and a proto-type M22 trans, Dual radiator system, Front Corvette disc brakes, plus the only Factory installed wide body rear wheel flares.
This car raced at Riverside Oct 1965 in the FIA races. Its the only 1 of 1 Big Block built Cheetahs and the only Cheetah ever to race in SCCA/FIA events.
Bill Thomas prepared a Special built Alloy head 1967 427 L88 engine and installed it.
This car raced 2 seasons with an L88 Bill Thomas Engine.
It has the most incredible Race History of all Cheetahs built. It raced from Aug 1964 thru the end of the 1968 season when it was retired and sold to a Salt Lake City owner. It finally wound up in Oregon with its past owner who bought it in 1972 he used it for street use very rarely over 41 years.


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