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1964 1/2 Ford “Shorty” Mustang Factory Concept Car

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1964 1/2 Ford “Shorty” Mustang Factory Concept Car

– Dearborn Steel Tubing Industries (commonly known as DST), the company which Ford contracted for limited production special cars and show cars during the 1960s, they built a two-seat Mustang.
– Shortened wheelbase by 16 inches.
– Stock Mustang bodywork from the firewall back was thrown out, replaced by a new body with completely new contours reflecting the basic lines of the factories fastback coupe.
– fiberglass body.
– On May 2, 1965, Vincent E. Gardner, one of its designers stole the Mustang III from its warehouse and walled it up in a nearby building! After the theft, Aetna Insurers paid Ford. After the building owners, knocked the wall down and found the car, it was aquired by an Aetna  employee in 68.
– Restored after many years to be shown at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.




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