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1963 Chevrolet Cheetah, 1 of 23 Up For Auction

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By Dave Ashton

Coming up for auction on 10 May 2018 is this mighty fine 1963 Chevrolet Cheetah, 1 of 23, the fourth one built and the one to race at Daytona the following year in ’64 driven by Budd Clusserath. One of its standout achievements was its 215mph top speed, topping the Cobra and anything else at the time. We featured the Cheetah in past articles, along with a prototype shell being sold. Now the A64 is coming up for auction, being the most original one in existence, being with the same owner for the last 65 years.

The car will initially be shown on May 4 and 5th at Lime Rock, northwestern Connecticut, then taken to New York before the auction begins. Designed by Bill Thomas, but having lots of initial problems with its support pulled in 1965, the car was initially groundbreaking with its fuel injection engine and winning top speed. one famous place the car pops up is in the movie ‘Spinout’ with Elvis Presley behind the wheel.

The auction page itself has plenty of information on the back story of the car and as a vehicle that had the potential to beat all in its time, the Cheetah may not have gone on to dominate the racing circuit of the day, but it was definitely an inspiration.


Find out more about the auction here –
More on the Cheetah’s back story –


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