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1962 Ford Falcon Radio: When We Only Needed A Radio.

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To most people’s eyes this vintage car radio is verging on junk, but these units were once the height of in car entertainment.

1962 Ford Falcon Radio

It almost seems incredible that you needed that much metal for a radio and only five presets, but these were the days where that’s all we needed in a car and to be honest, is all we still only need in the car.
It’s great to have Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and the like in our cars, but the majority of us still listen to the humble radio and you really don’t need high-tech gadgetry to create a basic radio.
The music may have been different back then, the news reports different and due to 60s technology, it’s obviously a larger unit than produced today, but it does the same as today’s radios, keeps us entertained on those long journeys with our favourite tunes.

Wouldn’t it be great if you plugged it in, switched it on and immediately it started playing stuff from the 60s!

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