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1954 Studebaker Champion One-Off Custom 2 Seater Convertible

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Engine: 289
Transmission: Automatic
Price: US $18,500.00

This Studebaker first caught my eye as it’s a great looking little car and as you read the description below, a conversion from a hardtop to a convertible, lowered, shortened and new powertrain.

Most would run a mile from something so heavily modified, but this one is interesting as it looks such a one-off vehicle.

The conversion work is stated to be performed properly, but you would obviously have to check this out in person to make sure everything stands up.
For a little roadster, this looks like it could be great fun, but as the ad. states, it may need a little work before it is a regular driver.

From a quick Hagerty search , it’s hard to pin down an exact general price as has been so heavily modified, but from rough pricing, you’re not exactly getting a bargain, so you have to be sure this is the right car for you.

If you did buy, you would definitely have a head turner.

‘I’m guessing this 1954 Studebaker Champion was customized in the ’70’s or 80’s given the choice of interior carpet and seats. The roof has been removed, it has been lowered 3-4″, and shortened 18″. It is not in show car condition. Structurally, and mechanically, it is very sound, with no rust, but the finishing details leave a bit to be desired. All of the hard work has been done, and this is a great candidate for someone to finish off into a rare beauty.

As far as I can tell, the VIN tag on the engine identifies it as a ’63 or ’64 289. The trans is a GM Turbo 350. Front disc brakes are aftermarket Turners, with dual circuit master cylinder. It has a complete Ford rear. The alternator is new, as is the nicely done exhaust system, as can be seen in the photos. The photos also show the reinforcements that have been added to stiffen the frame. I know many are concerned about how removing the roof weakens the chassis, but it appears to have been done properly.

It comes with an unfinished metal hardtop. The way it attaches to the car, the seals and gaskets, etc., have not been completed.

I came upon the car in barn in rural Virginia, owned by an older gentleman. I’m not sure how long he owned it, but it was covered in dust and bird crap. Flat tires, seized brakes, old gas, dead battery…the usual stuff. I did some carburetor work, rebuilt the brakes, new alternator, cleaned it up. It is titled and registered in my name, and I have been driving around on weekends the last few months. Turns lots of heads, and most folks need to ask me what the heck it is.

I am NOT interested in full trades. I will consider partial trades, but need to get some cash out of a deal.’

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