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17 cleaning Hacks to Clean your Muscle Car like never before

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Your car is a something that need extreme care just like you do to your kids, seriously? Yes! you cannot just leave your car unattended for a while or you will be paying a huge amount for its maintenance at the end of the day. It’s better to do it yourself when it doesn’t need too much hard work then to pay a professional to do that. Regardless of whether it’s after a long trip or simply taking it to the local market, autos appear to get grimy quite easily. Taking it to an auto wash all the time can get entirely costly and doing a complete cleaning each week is depleting. Here are a couple tips to enable you to clean your car simply like never before. You will be amazed by the money you saved at the end of month while keeping your car in mint condition. Please note that these tips are collected from professional maintenance staff of famous car dealers in Dubai so you do not need to worry at all about the life of your car parts and quality of service you will be getting after applying these professional hacks of car maintenance.

Note: To keep your car batteries in good condition, follow the steps given here.

  1. To clean up dust and grimy substances from the surface of your dashboard, leather car seats and other car interior, always use an old brush. Do not use any polish remover or thinner for this purpose, just use soapy water with toothbrush and rub the surface. After that clean with water soaked cloth.
  2. Soap or washing liquids often make the surface of your car interior look dull and the leather seats feel dry and hard to touch. Do not panic, we have a solution for this problem as well. You can rub a few drops of olive oil at these surfaces for an extraordinary shine and softness to leather. Make sure to not to repeat it so often or you will end up with a greasy feeling all around.
  3. Scratched and grimy headlights? Not a problem now, you can do a magical trick to restore the unscratched, brand new shine of your car headlights. Just take a little amount of toothpaste on a soft cottony cloth and rub it on your car headlights softly. Leave it for a couple of minutes and wipe clear them afterwards, you will be surprised with the results.
  4. If your windows have some sticky marks on them, you can use steel wool to clean them. It is a bit tricky to use that thing so be careful. Do not use it on polished/ painted surface, it can leave horrible scratches. Just use it for glass windows to get rid of sticky things. Get a good information for cleaning your car windows here.
  5. Dirty AC vents can be cleaned away with a foam brush. You can get one from any paint shop easily. Just pick the right size and it will clean up all the dirt from hardly accessible vents of your car.
  6. Not feeling like spending extra cash on car fresheners? Not a problem, just take wooden cloth pins which can be easily available from any supermarket’s laundry section, put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on that and stick that to the vent of your AC. Your car will be fragranced like heaven in a few seconds.
  7. Tires, seems like the toughest job to do, but it actually is quite simple when you are using powder cleaners. You can get these cleaners from any cleaning section of a departmental store. Take bleach powder cleaner and sprinkle it on your car tires, after that spray Lysol on that powder. Start scrubbing your tires adding the powder required. It will take some time but you will get amazed when you will see the result.
  8. After washing your car, you would definitely want to add a professional touch up to make your car squeaky polished like new. Take a clay bar and rub it to the outside surface of your car after washing it. It will not only pick up any greasy or sticky substance, but also add a shine to the surface.
  9. Your car pads/ carpets can be the nastiest thing to clean up as it contains all the dust from your shoes. Here is an easy trick to clean your carpets. Just add stain remover to the pads and put them in your washing machine. It is the simplest way you can adopt to clear all the dirt from carpets.
  10. If you are worried due to stubborn stickers on your car surface, do not panic. Use goo-gone for them and you will get them peeled off easily. You should not try any other chemicals for this purpose as chemicals are harsh to car polish. You can end up with a damaged car polish which will cost you too much to get repaired.
  11. Have you cleaned up windows completely? Are you sure? Check twice; It happens that people forget to clean the very brim of passenger window. Slide down the glass and put a soft cloth over its end working downside along with brim. It will make your windows shine like new.
  12. Now it is time to get to the finest details which really matter when you are cleaning your car like a pro. Doing a daily cleaning or wash may not involve such small details but when you are doing a thorough cleaning, you should not leave any corner. Come to the cracks and crannies of your car where grump sits really harshly. Take a screw driver or any other pointed tool, cover its end with a soft cloth and clean dust from all fine lines and creases.
  13. Rubbing alcohol works wonders while cleaning your car wipers. The rubber of wiper can be so grumpy and hard and it can leave scratches to the wind screen. Keep it in your observation that if wiper is creating sound while working, you must go for a rubber change which is easily available at market. As far as the cleaning is concerned, you can increase the life of wiper rubbers by keeping it grump free and soft. Spray rubbing alcohol on wiper rubbers and clean it with soft cloth.
  14. After washing your car, you must be looking for a stuff which can give a professional clean finishing to the surface and here is something simple we are going to tell you. Take your hair conditioner from shower and use it to polish your car. It is thick and waxy so it can leave your car shine like new. Just like it does to your hair after shampooing, exactly the same you are going to get for your car. Pour a little on cleaning towel and work in circular motion until you get the desired polishing effect.
  15. After doing so much for your cleaning practice of the day, still there are dust traces somewhere in the interior where no cloth, brush or anything like this can approach. Not a problem, we are giving you another fantastic solution of your problem and that is the Gooey Slime. Yes, the one you have used to play in your kindergarten. You can get one from market or make it yourself. The recipe to make slime is quite easy, just add half cup of liquid starch with 4 Oz of Elmer’s glue and ¼ cup of water, mix it and your slime is ready. Put it on the interior creases where dust is still resting, it will pick even the last particle of dust from your car.
  16. If there is a minor crack somewhere on your windscreen, and you have no time or money to get it replaced immediately, you can apply a temporary fix to avoid more cracking. You can easily get clear nail polish from any cosmetic store. Just apply that on the crack and double the coat to let you have some extra time to get your glass replaced.
  17. Let us tell you a good alternate of Armour-all. Vaseline is literary a magical substance that can work wonders with your car interior specifically the large area of Dashboard. Polishing your interior (plastic stuff) with Vaseline can restore the genuine shine of surface and also it will leave plastic protected from getting cracked. When the plastic surfaces are hard due to heat and extreme sun exposure, they get cracked. Vaseline not only moisturizes your skin, but also your car’s interior. Just give it a try and you will be amazed by the results.

All of these tips are taken from professionals so you do not need to worry. All you can do is to take care of your ride with love and without spending a big amount at all. All of the techniques which we have mentioned are easily doable and everything that is used might be easily available from local stores, or even your own store room.

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