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10 Things We Learnt About Muscle Cars

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Life’s a learning curve.
No matter where you are in your own knowledge, in any subject, we can always build on that knowledge. Same goes for muscle cars.

As you dig further into a subject area, you find out more and more of the intricate little details that make the hobby and why people are so enthusiastic about muscle cars.
Over the years some of the myths are dispelled, a few are proven, but you do get to find out all the benefits of why people put so much time and effort into their beloved muscle cars.

So here we have some of our general findings of why the average muscle car and muscle car fan are some of the best on the planet. (I now climb onto my soap box and start the debate!)

No replacement for displacement.
The golden mantra spoken by all muscle car owners.
Essentially, if you want more power you need a bigger bang in the engine, which means more cubic inches or more displacement. Some agree with this, some disagree, but in our modern age, we can’t go down this route due to us running out of all that dinosaur gas in the ground. We now have to squeeze out as much power as we can from smaller engines, but if we didn’t have these fuel limits and we could build engines as big as we liked, I wonder how many manufacturers would still be using this way of thinking?

Muscle cars CAN go round corners.
…… maybe not the tightest of corners, but if you compare that era of car to everything else that was built in the world at the time, they didn’t fare much better.
Leaf springs for suspension ruled at the time, it was just that muscle cars weighed about 80 times more than the European equivalents, so what does everybody do? Simply upgrade the suspension.

A classic muscle car can be anything you want it to be.
That’s the beauty of the platform. A simple base to modify and work upon. You do not get many other eras of car that have such a dedicated ‘restomod’ following or at least not in the sense of just to make what you have better.
A classic muscle car can be a straight classic, a custom, a restomod, a pro Street, anything you want it to be.

They are better than anything else made at the time.
A subjective viewpoint, but I think it’s true, in general, the total muscle car population has much cooler designs than anything else of the time.
Yes, there are standout examples from all around the world with individual cars, but really non that cover a generation which look as cool as the golden era muscle cars.

They look cooler than other cars made at the time.
The Europeans have their exotic makes, the British have some of their classics, but the muscle car era had all of that with fun to boot.
From the ultra serious street racer to the Roadrunner decals, there was something for everybody and their tastes.

Muscle car owners aren’t always old.
On the surface, most would think a classic muscle car is only owned by someone of retirement age looking at the nostalgia of the late 60s and early 70s.
The reality is all ages, shapes and sizes love classic muscle cars. You just have to do a quick Google search for celebrities muscle cars and you will find people from late teenage years to retirement age, from regular folk to celebrities owning muscle cars.
It shows that there must be something in the vehicles which appeals to everybody……….

Muscle cars have the coolest shapes and names.
Think about the brutal straight lines of a Dodge Charger,the muscular look of the Chevelle and the outlandish shape of a Superbird. The muscle car era almost produced one extreme to another in body shapes and names.
In today’s world even a Camaro or a Mustang stands out among today’s vehicles.

Muscle cars have the best car fans.
Just accept this point……..

Muscle car fans are dedicated people by nature.
It goes with the territory. You are dealing with late 60s and early 70s technology, so you have to care for these beasts more than a modern car.
This does not mean that they are not as good as a modern car, it is just a product of their time and they are accepted as such.
This means that a muscle Car owner is willing to take on the responsibility of being the cars present custodian, not just a temporary owner. This means that you have some personality of dedication which not everybody owns.

Muscle car fans are hands-on.
When a muscle car goes wrong, the average muscle car owner within a few tweaks and pulls, can get the car back on the road.
A modern car will be less likely to break down, but when it does, be prepared to hire a mechanic and somebody with a laptop.
The average muscle car owner has the default mindset of knowing that they have to continually tweak and maintain their vehicle. This expands your dedication and work ethic, so they may break down more often, but can be fixed in a fraction of the time of a modern car.

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