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Yet Another Amazing Muscle Car Find

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By Mark Weisseg

Several years ago when I was gainfully employed I called on a company on a monthly basis. Next door to my client was a very nice one level building that appeared to have offices in the front. The building lacked Windows on the side but had one large garage door. I asked my client what was in that building and he stated it was a oil related company with two employees. He also said that they suspected the back of the building had a car or two in there.

That was enough for me and as a sales guy with a insatiable desire to find cars I walked next door and introduced myself to the receptionist. This is the part when 99 percent of the time I would get thrown out. However, the owner was there and he appears from a hallway and introduced himself.

He invited me back into the garage where he had tooling and some materials related to his business. But, he had a dozen cars back there all covered up! Bingo and now the door is wide open. He graciously unveiled a few cars and I counted three Buick GNX cars along with a brand new Camaro, a Firebird, and some other very cool cars. The guy could not have been nicer and more gracious. In the meantime I call back over to my client and asked him to get his rear end over here and bring his boss.

Needless to say the three of us were overjoyed at what we ( really me) discovered. The owner advised us he owned the business and has done well but wanted to store his collection where he could keep an eye on them daily. He has a high tech security system for when he is not there but really nobody knows what is in this building anyway. We swore we would not disclose to anyone what was in the building or its location.

My point is a simple one and a repeated one. Here, I had been calling on this client for quite some time and never thought of what could be in the building next door. Shame on my client because they are gear heads and this collection was right under there noses and they never thought to go over and ask.

After we all departed that day my client was ashamed of himself that this stunning collection was within crawling distance and he never took the initiative to sniff it out. My point is assume nothing, be curious, be proactive and by all means please keep your head on a swivel.

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