The Ultimate Drag Race: Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Nissan GT-R

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This is a drag race from complete different ends of the spectrum. American muscle versus German engineering versus Japanese high-tech.

We are obviously completely on the hellcat side in this race, but we also thought it was interesting to see how the muscle car ethos matches up to the other lines of thinking.

Now, before the dissenters land on the hellcat being more antiquated than the other two, the Porsche is based on a very old design, tweeted over the years to its most optimal. The Nissan has proven itself as a great sports car, but can raw ‘no replacement for displacement’ win out in the end?
The thing here is that it’s comparing the two schools of thought. ‘No replacement for displacement’ or the get the most power out of what you have scenario.

Spoilers here, but it is to prove a point. The 911 Turbo S with its four-wheel drive and rear engine is the clear winner, but a drag race is only one small element for why you own a car.
In the Hellcat’s defence, it does have the most horsepower, but it is designed to be the most ‘raw’ ride and that’s its appeal.

The realities of daily driving is on open roads and the reason why the Hellcat is so popular is because in this environment, it still gives the best thrill of the ride and isn’t that what driving is about?
So, given the choice, we would still go with the Dodge Hellcat any day. It may be heavier, it may not be as high-tech or had the years of optimisation like the Porsche, but it’s the all-round driving experience that counts.


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